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All the following include direct flights from Belfast or Dublin and NAMED accommodation,unless stated otherwise.In order to make prices more meaningful,we now INCLUDE ALL COMPULSORY EXTRAS(such as fuel surcharge,government levy,ticket on departure charges)as well as resort transfers.Flight meals are NOT included except where automatically included in the pricing by the tour operator.Where possible, we can on request add flight meals on at the appropriate cost, usually around 10/15 pp.,Luggage allowance is included and in some cases we can offer an extra 5kg of luggage at 20pp.So,THE PRICE YOU SEE,IS THE PRICE YOU PAY(Subject to availability).Prices are per person, based on 2 sharing.SC=Self Catering.AOA=Allocated on arrival.HB=Half Board.RO=Room Only. FB=Full Board, A I = All Inclusive. DUB=Dublin departure, Optional Extra;Insurance.from 20pp(1 week),24pp(2 weeks).The air holiday packages shown are ATOL protected by the Civil Aviation Authority, as we act as agent for licensed tour operators.The names and ATOL numbers of these operators are available on request.NOTE: All holidays are for NAMED SC unless stated otherwise.IMPORTANT: YOUR MONEY IS FULLY PROTECTED ON ALL PACKAGE HOLIDAYS LISTED BELOW IN THE EVENT OF CANCELLATION DUE TO VOLCANIC ASH ETC..NOTE:Availability at these special prices is limited.
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  Resort Date Nights Price
  TURKEY(3*KalemceHotel MarmarisAI 01-Aug-2014 7 525 A I CT
TENERIFE(4*Arona Gran Hotel HB) 31-Aug-2014 7 685 HB MOHT
TENERIFE(Las Piramides HB) 31-Aug-2014 7 453 HB MOHT
  BULGARIA(4*FenixHotel SunnyBeach 01-Sep-2014 7 354 HB KLAB
  MAJORCA(Sun Beach Santa Ponsa) 02-Sep-2014 7 255 SC CF
LAKE GARDA(3*CorteReginaSirmione 03-Sep-2014 7 430 BB YLO
LAKE GARDA(Miravalli Htl ,Garda) 03-Sep-2014 7 254 BB YRC
  MAJORCA(Verdemar Studio SC) 04-Sep-2014 7 366 SC CF
  TURKEY(3*KalemceHotel MarmarisAI 04-Sep-2014 7 497 A I CT
  SALOU AREA(Sunclub SC) 05-Sep-2014 7 423 SC MOHT
CRETE (Irida Studio SC, Malia) 05-Sep-2014 7 229 SC YLO
  CORFU (Olive Tree Studio, Kavos, 05-Sep-2014 7 249 SC YLO
  MED CRUISE on DREAM(Full Board) 06-Sep-2014 7 758 FB MOHT
  RHODES(Kladakis StudioSCKremasti 06-Sep-2014 7 199 SC YLO MU
  LAKE GARDA(3*AstoriaHtl Malcesin 06-Sep-2014 7 569 HB POT
RHODES(Kassandra Apts SC) 06-Sep-2014 7 199 SC YLO MU
  RHODES (5*Rodos Palace Hotel HB) 06-Sep-2014 7 479 HB YLO
  LAKE GARDA(3*Bristol Hotel Riva) 06-Sep-2014 7 469 BB POT
  LIDO DI JESOLO(Bolivar Hotel HB) 06-Sep-2014 7 449 HB POT
  GRAN CANARIA(Colina Mar P RicoSC 06-Sep-2014 7 443 SC MOHT
  RHODES(Tinas Studio SC Faliraki 06-Sep-2014 7 229 SC YLO
  TENERIFE(4*BeLive Las AmericasAI 07-Sep-2014 7 670 A I MOHT
  MAJORCA(3*Bellevue Alcudia SC) 07-Sep-2014 7 399 SC 2TEJ
  EASTERN MED CRUISEon Celebration 08-Sep-2014 7 759 FB MOHT
TURKEY (Sinem Hotel Marmaris BB) 08-Sep-2014 7 373 BB MOHT
  BULGARIA(4*FenixHotel SunnyBeach 08-Sep-2014 7 370 HB KLAB
SHARM el SHEIKH(4*NubianVillage 09-Sep-2014 7 558 A I MOHT
MAJORCA(3*Saturno Hotel A I) 09-Sep-2014 7 425 A I MOHT
  MAJORCA(Deya Apts Santa Ponsa SC 09-Sep-2014 7 328 SC CF
MED CRUISE ON ESCAPE(All-Inclusi 09-Sep-2014 7 759 A I MOHT
  LAKE GARDA(4*Majestic Palace HB) 10-Sep-2014 7 647 HB YRC
LAKE GARDA(Prince Hotel Riva BB 10-Sep-2014 7 424 BB YRC
  CYPRUS(3*AntheaApts,AyiaNapa SC) 10-Sep-2014 7 409 SC YLO
LAKE GARDA(Miravalli Htl ,Garda) 10-Sep-2014 7 339 BB YRC
SALOU AREA(3*Cala Font HB) 11-Sep-2014 7 426 HB 2TEJ
  MAJORCA(Deya Apts Santa Ponsa SC 11-Sep-2014 7 348 SC CF
MAJORCA(3*Saturno Hotel A I) 11-Sep-2014 7 386 A I MOHT
  SALOU AREA(Belvedere Hotel HB) 12-Sep-2014 7 429 HB MOHT
  CRETE (Irida Studio SC Malia) 12-Sep-2014 7 319 SC YLO
  CORFU(Ekati Studio KavosSCLively 12-Sep-2014 7 265 SC MOHT
  CRETE(Iraklis 2 Studio Stalis SC 12-Sep-2014 7 344 SC YLO
  LAKE GARDA(3*AstoriaHtl Malcesin 13-Sep-2014 7 679 HB POT
  RHODES (5* Rodos Palace HB 13-Sep-2014 7 525 HB YLO
  RHODES(Achousa Studio,Faliraki) 13-Sep-2014 7 304 SC YLO
  RHODES(Tinas Studio SC Faliraki 13-Sep-2014 7 239 SC YLO
  MAJORCA(Sun Beach Santa Ponsa) 13-Sep-2014 7 329 SC CF
MAJORCA(3*JupiterHotelAlcudiaAI 13-Sep-2014 7 411 A I MOHT
  TENERIFE(5*Bahia Princess Adeje) 14-Sep-2014 7 584 HB MOHT
EASTERN MED CRUISEon Celebration 15-Sep-2014 7 639 FB MOHT
  MAJORCA(Sun Beach Santa Ponsa) 16-Sep-2014 7 334 SC CF
  MED CRUISE ON ESCAPE(All-Inclusi 16-Sep-2014 7 781 A I MOHT
  SHARM EL SHEIKH(Tropical Jasmine 16-Sep-2014 7 474 AI MOHT
  LAKE GARDA(4*Majestic Palace HB) 17-Sep-2014 7 700 HB YRC
  MENORCA(3*Menorca Seaclub SC) 17-Sep-2014 7 249 SC MOHT
  MENORCA(MarinaParc All-Inclusive 17-Sep-2014 7 450 A I MOHT
  LAKE GARDA(3* Cristina Hotel HB) 17-Sep-2014 7 604 HB YRC
  LAKE GARDA(3*Astoria Garda BB 17-Sep-2014 7 475 BB YRC
  LAKE GARDA(3*LaPerla Garda HB) 17-Sep-2014 7 664 HB YRC
MENORCA(3* Menorca Seaclub AI) 17-Sep-2014 7 357 A I MOHT
LANZAROTE(Lanzarote Sol A I) 18-Sep-2014 7 548 A I MOHT
MAJORCA(3*Saturno Hotel A I) 18-Sep-2014 7 333 A I MOHT
  SALOU AREA(Sunclub Apts SC) 19-Sep-2014 7 314 SC MOHT
SALOU(3* Golden Donaire BeachHB) 19-Sep-2014 7 380 HB MOHT
GRAN CANARIA(Colina Mar P RicoSC 20-Sep-2014 7 395 SC MOHT
  LIDO DI JESOLO(3*Miami Hotel HB) 20-Sep-2014 7 569 HB POT
  LAKE GARDA(3* Eden Hotel Torbole 20-Sep-2014 7 509 BB POT
  LAKE GARDA(3*AstoriaHtl Malcesin 20-Sep-2014 7 689 HB POT
  TENERIFE (4*La Siesta Hotel HB) 21-Sep-2014 7 533 HB MOHT
TENERIFE(5*Bahia Princess Adeje) 21-Sep-2014 7 575 HB MOHT
  COSTA DEL SOL(3* Bali Hotel HB) 21-Sep-2014 7 410 HB MOHT
  COSTA DEL SOL(Myramar Fuengirola 21-Sep-2014 7 334 SC MOHT
  TURKEY(Sun Apts Marmaris SC) 22-Sep-2014 7 388 SC MOHT
EASTERN MED CRUISEon Celebration 22-Sep-2014 7 709 FB MOHT
  BULGARIA(4*Marvel Hotel,SunnyBch 22-Sep-2014 7 379 HB CT
  MED CRUISE ON ESCAPE(All-Inclusi 23-Sep-2014 7 771 A I MOHT
  SHARM EL SHEIKH(TropicanaJasmine 23-Sep-2014 7 447 A I MOHT
  MAJORCA(Vista Club Santa Ponsa ) 23-Sep-2014 7 288 SC MOHT
  MENORCA (Valentin Son Bou HB ) 24-Sep-2014 7 361 HB MOHT MD
  MENORCA(3*Menorca Seaclub SC) 24-Sep-2014 7 230 SC MOHT
MENORCA(3* Menorca Seaclub A I) 24-Sep-2014 7 342 A I MOHT
  MAJORCA (Atalaya Apts SC) 25-Sep-2014 7 284 SC MOHT
  MAJORCA(Lagotel Alcudia All-incl 25-Sep-2014 7 334 A I MOHT
LANZAROTE(3*Morromar All-Inclusi 25-Sep-2014 7 463 A I MOHT
  LANZAROTE(Cinco Plazas Apts SC) 25-Sep-2014 7 355 SC MOHT
  SALOU(4*Sol Costa Daurada HB) 25-Sep-2014 7 384 HB CT
  CORFU (Theodosia Studio SC) 26-Sep-2014 7 299 SC MOHT MD
  LANZAROTE(3*El Trebol All-Inclus 26-Sep-2014 7 499 A I CT
  RHODES(Finas Hotel StuPefkos SC) 27-Sep-2014 7 348 SC YLO
  RHODES(Lindos GArdens) 27-Sep-2014 7 348 SC YLO
  MAJORCA(3* Delfin Azul HB ) 27-Sep-2014 7 322 HB MOHT
  GRAN CANARIA(Nido del Aguila SC) 27-Sep-2014 7 346 SC MOHT
  COSTA DEL SOL(3*Bali Hotel HB) 28-Sep-2014 7 322 HB MOHT
  COSTA DEL SOL(Myramar Fuengirola 28-Sep-2014 7 267 SC MOHT
  TENERIFE(5*Bahia Princess Adeje) 28-Sep-2014 7 587 HB MOHT
  TURKEY(3*Club Excelsior Marmaris 28-Sep-2014 7 286 SC CT
  TENERIFE(4* Troya Hotel HB) 28-Sep-2014 7 520 HB MOHT MD
  TENERIFE(4* La Siesta Hotel HB) 28-Sep-2014 7 541 HB MOHT
  EASTERN MED CRUISEon Celebration 29-Sep-2014 7 658 FB MOHT
  SALOU(4*Sol Costa Daurada2ad+1ch 30-Sep-2014 7 912 HB CT
  SHARM EL SHEIKH(TropicanaJasmine 30-Sep-2014 7 408 A I MOHT
  MAJORCA(3* Delfin Azul HB ) 30-Sep-2014 7 341 HB MOHT
  MED CRUISE ON ESCAPE(All-Inclusi 30-Sep-2014 7 699 A I MOHT MD
  PORTUGAL(3*ClubeAlvorferias SC) 02-Oct-2014 7 325 SC CT
  LANZAROTE (Hyde Park Lane Apts) 02-Oct-2014 7 317 SC MOHT
  MED CRUISE on DREAM(Full Board) 04-Oct-2014 7 688 FB MOHT
  TENERIFE(4* La Siesta Hotel HB) 05-Oct-2014 7 558 HB MOHT
  TURKEY(4*Club Julian Marmaris AI 06-Oct-2014 7 384 A I MOHT MD
  MAJORCA(Sun Beach Santa Ponsa) 07-Oct-2014 7 299 SC CF
  MED CRUISE ON ESCAPE(All-Inclusi 07-Oct-2014 7 793 A I MOHT
  LANZAROTE (Hyde Park Lane Apts) 09-Oct-2014 7 333 SC MOHT
  PORTUGAL(3*ClubeAlvorferias SC) 11-Oct-2014 7 299 SC CT
  PORTUGAL(4*ParaisoAlbufeira Stud 14-Oct-2014 7 336 SC CT
  PORTUGAL(3*ClubeAlvorferias SC) 16-Oct-2014 7 262 SC CT
  PORTUGAL(4*Paraiso de Albufeira 18-Oct-2014 7 328 SC 2TEJ
  PORTUGAL(4*HotelDoCerro,Albufeir 18-Oct-2014 7 371 HB 2TEJ
  BENIDORM(3*Gala Placidia AI) 20-Oct-2014 7 476 A I 2TEJ
  TURKEY(4*ClubAnastasiaMarmarisHB 23-Oct-2014 7 316 SC CT
  TUNISIA(4*Kanta Resort HB) 26-Oct-2014 7 360 HB CT
  TENERIFE(4*ParadisePark Hotel HB 28-Oct-2014 7 517 HB CT
  BENIDORM(3* Poseidon Playa HB) 31-Oct-2014 7 331 HB 2TEJ
  BENIDORM(3*Levante Club Stud.SC) 31-Oct-2014 7 299 SC 2TEJ MD
  TENERIFE(3* Columbus Hotel HB) 31-Oct-2014 7 474 HB 2TEJ
  TUNISIA (4*Abou Sofiane AI) 02-Nov-2014 7 296 A I CT
  TUNISIA (3* Dar Khayam AI) 02-Nov-2014 7 296 A I CT
  TENERIFE(5*Bahia Costa Adeje A I 11-Nov-2014 7 568 A I CT
  TENERIFE (5* Bahia Costa Adeje 21-Nov-2014 7 589 AI CT
  TENERIFE (5* Bahia Costa Adeje 02-Dec-2014 7 551 AI CT
  TENERIFE (5* Bahia Costa Adeje 09-Dec-2014 7 551 AI CT
  LANZAROTE(4*BeatrizCosta &Spa HB 22-Jan-2015 7 399 HB CT
  LANZAROTE(4*BeatrizCosta &Spa HB 29-Jan-2015 7 409 HB CT
  LANZAROTE(4*BeatrizCosta &Spa HB 05-Feb-2015 7 380 HB CT
  LANZAROTE(4*BeatrizCosta &Spa HB 22-Feb-2015 7 408 HB CT
  TENERIFE(4* La Siesta Hotel HB) 01-May-2015 7 468 HB CT

All holidays are offered subject to availability.Prices may vary,but exact price will be given at time of booking.

IMPORTANT:ALL THE ABOVE PRICES INCLUDE ALL COMPULSORY EXTRAS,luggage allowance and resort transfers, except where stated...>
Optional Insurance from 20 1 week: 25, 2 weeks.SC=Self Catering:AOA=Allocated on Arrival:RO=Room Only:HB=Half Board.FB= Full Board, A I = All Inclusive..DUB=Departs Dublin. NT=No transfers.

Ring TERRA TRAVEL on 028 3832 7222.

All offers valid at the time of release but subject to availability and can be withdrawn at short notice.